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by www-lacymellon-comApril 29, 2019

*Real Estate Quick Tips*

Look for asterisks throughout the story for ” Real Estate Quick Tips” that will be at the bottom of the post!

I had “known” Keela and Deano just through mutual friends over the last few years. When another friend (and past client Katie H) texted me and told me they had found a house they really liked – I was pumped to get to hopefully help them with it. I texted Keela immediately asking about the house and as soon as she sent it to me I knew it could be perfect for them!

At this point, they hadn’t really even spoken with a lender because I think it all just happened so fast. *I scheduled a showing immediately and got them in touch with a great local lender who helped them *get pre-approved QUICK! In the home buying market as it is right now – an offer to purchase a home is pretty much no good without a pre-qualification letter because there are 3 buyers right behind you that all have one, so its VERY important to take that step quickly once you decide you’re ready to buy!

We were able to see the house pretty quickly and just as expected, they fell in love with it. From the mid-mod style with nearly an acre, just 10 minutes from Downtown Knoxville – and the icing on the cake – a 2-floor glass solarium – that was it. We stood in the drive-way and they anxiously asked – What do we do to make it ours?!

They were preapproved within a couple hours and we started drafting up the offer. I sent the offer to purchase over to the *Listing Agent and then got the news NO *Buyer’s Agent wanted to hear…. “We have received another offer on this house.” ? NOOOOO! But this house was perfect for them, they can’t lose out on it!! I called the Listing Agent just after submitting it and just told her a little more about my clients and how they really were the perfect buyer for this home and how we would do whatever they could to make it work. I was trying to give us a little extra advantage and try and connect the buyers to the seller somehow, even if it has to be through a third party. She said they sounded like lovely people and would take the offers to her clients for a decision…

The Seller felt so good about these buyers that they didn’t even go back and ask the other party to submit a best and final offer, they just went with ours! They could have put us in a bidding war with the other party but decided they just wanted to work with us – it was fun news to get to give – as you can see above! So we quickly went to work, collecting Earnest Money, scheduling the home inspection, even negotiating some cool mid-mod furniture to stay with the house! Just this last Friday I got to hand over the keys to the new first time home owners – one of my favorite things to do ☺️.

Congratulations Keela and Deano and stay tuned for more incredible real estate stories and follow other’s journey into home ownership!

*Scheduling showings quickly is VERY important in this market. Squeeze in a showing during your lunch break or right at the end of your work day or on a weekend. Don’t wait, find an agent who is going to work hard to get you in that house ASAP.*

*Don’t start scheduling showings to view homes until you have a pre-approval letter. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a home during a weekend and you can’t get ahold of a lender to help you get one. Most Sellers will not accept an offer to purchase without one and in this market – there will be another buyer right behind you that already has a preapproval!

*Listing Agent – the agent who represents the SELLER. This is the person who’s name will be on the sign in the yard. His/Her fiduciary duty is to protect their client.

*Buyer’s Agent – the agent who is representing the BUYER. Every home buyer gets free representation when going into a real estate transaction that is listed on the MLS. Most don’t know this – so find a good agent to represent you – it doesn’t cost you anything! The seller pays ALL Realtor’s commission – even if it’s your agent ?

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